Empower your true Values

How to empower your true Values

Our organizations are made up of men and women whose values are the most stable elements of their personalities. Values are the driving force that makes us act and gives us the energy to undertake. An organization's values forge its identity.

Calleta will help you identify your own values, strong and real, so that they become the cement of your true DNA. Without these values, the organization will find it difficult to stay the course and retain employees or attract new ones.

On the basis of our wide shared experiences and our various feedbacks, we have developed a pragmatic and collegial method. Through various interactive workshops , we are able to identify the anchoring points to achieve the empowerment of your true values

Here are the six main axes that we will refine according to the specificities of your organization.

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Values include all the principles that guide operations and the day-to-day functioning of teams.We help identify and categorize all these values.


Once your values have been identified, we help you shape and enhance them to communicate them easily and systematically.


Your values, visible to everyone, to each player, must allow people to refer to them, to mark their belonging to them.


Your charter of values will make it possible to smooth out conflicts and strengthen cohesion and solidarity, day after day.


The charter of values is exposed to the sight of all: employees, visitors, customers and suppliers. The more visible the better for the organization.


This in-depth work, source of pride for each player in your organization, which will feel inside and be reflected on the outside.

Your next step

Going through all these steps takes time and reflection, both on your side and ours.Hurry here is bad counseling.
Together, we will establish an "agile roadmap" with intermediate deliverable dates. The simplest way is to contact us to meet with us, to explain our methodology in detail, to establish a schedule and a "win/win" budget with which everyone can find their way.

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How to define the values of your organization?


How to make the values live in your organization?


How to ensure the coherence of your values through your organization?


How to transform your values into a growth generator?


There's nothing like an open an fair discussion [in person, if possible, or covid-rtually] to discuss your concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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