GDPR Compliancy

GDPR Compliancy

Achieving GDPR compliance for your organization is the first step... that should have been achieved by May 25, 2018. Should it not yet be the case, we can help you to quickly become GDPR compliant but more importantly remain so for the years to come.
Here is how we can help you.


Quick analysis of your key areas, using our own methodology: we deliver the first part of your compliance (points of attention, roadmap of actions, etc.).


We help you carry out an assessment of the impact of a new processing operation (services, products, etc.) on the protection of personal data.


We help you define the minimum security measures to be implemented to protect your organization's personal data.


Our experience allows us to quickly determine how to set up the different mandatory registers under the GDPR.


We establish contractual documents with, above all, the imperative clauses to be mentioned in your relations with your staff, suppliers, partners, etc.


Setting up a GDPR code of conduct, privacy policy, etc. to help clarify what your organization expects from all stakeholders.

"On Demand" or "By Subscription"

We propose our services under two forms:
-in a classic form, based on your specific needs [pricing on request].
-in the advantageous form of a monthly fixed-price subscription.

Our GDPR subscription services are available in four levels, depending on your needs:.


The perfect entry-level solution for ensuring fast and appropriate responses to your internal GDPR team


The ideal solution to start your GDPR compliance process and gradually increase the skills of your GDPR managers.


The best solution if you don't want to hire a GDPR specialist in-house but want to cover all GDPR topics.


The perfect solution by entrusting your GDPR compliance and the official DPO role of your organization to one of our experienced specialists.

GDPR Pricing

On the basis of our various returns of experience we established a price list which will allow us to guide you in your setting in conformity.

*Price before taxes for one legal entity based in Europe on the basis of a yearly advance payment.


€*185 / month

  • Main services covered:
  • - Pragmatic advices
  • - Quick answers
  • - 30 minutes Free Talk
  • - GDPR Newsletter
  • - Jurisprudence Follow-up
  • - Etc.
  • - Sensistisation
  • - Breach handling
  • - Support during control

Fill-in your eMail to continue the process:


€*695 / month

  • Main services covered:
  • - Official DPO
  • - Dedicated advices
  • - 90 minutes Free Talk
  • - DPA intermediary
  • - Complaints follow-up
  • - Etc.
  • - Roadmap follow-up
  • - Support during control
  • - Drafting of documents

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DPO as a Service

€*1.395 / month

  • Main services covered:
  • - Official DPO
  • - 120 minutes Free Talk
  • - Roadmap implementation
  • - Legal documentations
  • - Breach, DPIA handling
  • - Team sensitisation
  • - Processing register
  • - Support during control
  • - Etc.

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Below you will find frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to our services.
If this does not answer your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • How long is the subscription?

    Our subscriptions are concluded for a period of twelve months from the day mentioned in the contract.

  • Once your contract is signed, an invoice will be sent to you with the twelve months of subscription to be paid in one single payment in advance.

  • A monthly payment is also possible, in which case the indicated price must be increased by 5% to cover administrative and financial costs.

  • Any member of your organization (if the organization has paid for its subscription) can call our organization or send us a message.

  • If for particular unforeseen reasons you need more time, after agreement, either this time will be billed separately (time & materials) or you can convert your subscription to the next level.


There's nothing like an open an fair discussion [in person, if possible, or covid-rtually] to discuss your concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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