Independent Director is Key

Your independent director

He or she has the ability to bring a neutral view, new in some cases, on the state of your organization and, from there, guide and help its leader(s) to make the right, objective and detailed decisions.
The role of an administrator is to immerse him/herself in the life of your organization and to study its strategy. If necessary, he or she will also take stock of the current situation, assess risks, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths.
Calleta Consulting puts experienced independent directors at the service of your organization.

Our directors are Guberna certified and are committed to the strict respect of the "directors' charter" and to a dynamic of continuous training.



What skills are missing on your Board of Directors?


Need a " helicopter " view of your business?


Some internal conflicts within your teams that need to be addressed?


Need to rely on a strong network of relationships?


There's nothing like an open an fair discussion [in person, if possible, or covid-rtually] to discuss your concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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