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The Mission of Calleta

Improve your business by helping you to implement with agility efficient practices based on our proven senior executive experience.

Our mission statement is to help you taking the small decisions that can make big differences. At Calleta we help you to choose the right momentum to enforce these decisions and to structure your resources. If, for a certain period, it's necessary to reinforce your staff, we suggest you the support of one of our Partners.

We help you to deliver profitable market results and identifying an achievable growth strategy.

As the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, we support you as your team to transform your company by putting our experience and our agility at your disposal.
Because we yet faced a similar issue as the one you face today.

We help you to choose the right momentum to increase the efficiency of your business. We warranty our agility to cope with the specificities of your business.


The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing." [J. Harris].
It is the reason why at Calleta Consulting, our team is only composed by experienced managers and directors who already experienced the implementation of many decisions.
It avoids the counter effects of the bad momentum.


Our role, based on the large experience of our team, is to turn analyses we made from your activity and processes into an effective plan of actions for the short and mid term.
Our team is dedicated to hear your targets and to help moving your business forward with agility and efficiency.


At Calleta we focus on Business Agility. We help companies to develop their ability to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in their own business environment.
Business agility can be maintained by permanently adapt goods and services to meet Customer demands, adjust business processes and take advantage of companiy's human resources.

What we do

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."

Oscar Wilde

Instant access to the right Partner that will support you and your team.

Calleta Consulting proposes you the proven experience of its own Partners. Our team has an extensive knowledge and experience of small to large international companies acting in the Service Industry.
Based in Belgium, we act internationally and fluently speak English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish.

We offer a completely integrated range of services, from a "punctual advice" to "interim management" missions. Above all, we know and understand the challenges and dynamics of service oriented companies. We can use our cumulated years of experience to tailor our services directly to your needs as those of your own customers.



The art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use.



An aspirational description of what an organization would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future.



Practical, such as a solution that is attainable and focused on factual information.



Familiarity with a field of knowledge acquired over years of actual practice which resulted in a mastery.



Some hours

Sometimes, you just need to free some time and to share some ideas. This is for you!
A kind of brainstorming of a few hours with an experienced Partner able to give you the neutral and constructive feed-back you need.



Some days

A couple of hours by month with enough time between each others. The ideal plan to discuss an idea, to let it maturate from both side and to rework on it a lille bit later. The best solution to elaborate your new stragtegy without losing time.



Some weeks

Spread along the year or concentrated in a month, this plan is efficient when you face a restructuration or when one of your strategic colleagic is off for a while. Our experienced Partners are instantly operational.



Some months

This plan is perfect when you face an extended absence of one strategic colleague. A plan that let you the time to reorganise your activities or... to find, thanks to the neutrality of our experts, new perspectives to your business.

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