We strengthen your values to boost your business.

Some troubles to solve?

We help your organisation to put its values at the heart of its strategy in order to solve some [recurring] key concerns.


No long speeches. Targeted and thoughtful actions that contribute to the achievement of sustainable results.


Our collaborators are all experienced, attentive to your needs and focused on achieving your objectives.


Results-oriented while respecting budgets thanks to our own successfully, pragmatic and agile methods.

About us

Calleta is an agile consultancy agency

We help small and medium sized organisations to identify their own strong values, to integrate them into their strategy in order to find new clients and above all to keep them.


Our strength lies in the fact that our managers are directly attentive to your needs, on the ground to identify your pains and find the most suitable solutions.


Unlike large international agencies, our managers are also in the field, which gives us a reduced cost structure. This allows us to offer you solutions with affordable budgets.


We apply our own, agile and pragmatic, methodologybased on a wide experience (10 years of consulting and 15 years in the banking world), in order to generate quickly and sustainably additional income.

Your Pain Points

What are the painful points gnawing at your organization that we could solve?
Generic or specific? Small or large? Punctual or recurrent?
Let's have a look by theme:

  • All Pains
  • Values
  • Visibility
  • Compliance
Toxic Boss

Toxic Boss

Self-focused boss

No transparency

No transparency

Lack of honesty

No Vision

No Vision

No proactivity

Weak Visibility

Weak Visibility

Poor digital presence

Data Breach

Data Breach

Lost of data control

No Values

No Values

Money as unique driver

Lack of Customers

Lack of Customers

Unable to reach new customers

No image

No image

Lack of brand awareness

Unsecured PD

Unsecured PD

Personal Data not secured

Our Solutions

Thanks to our pragmatic solutions, we help you address each of your concerns one by one.
In this way, we collaborate in the transformation of your organization. We are strongly convinced that in order to continue to progress in spite of crises (Covid#19 or others), the best way is to move towards a real economy of values and not only of money.

Key Values

Generations follow one another, motivations and commitments shift. We have to move to management by values. [read more]

Digital Presence

Our world is a connected world in which every organization must be visible. To be there or to disappear: your real key challenge. [read more]

New Customers

Identify, listen, exchange ... No longer consider yourself as the seller of a product but as the partner of your customer, your DNA. [read more]

Clear Strategy

Don't rush into thinking you know what your client wants. Take the time you need: start with defining your mission and true values. [read more]

Independent Director

As true guarantor of good governance, the independent director brings new benchmarks and strong signals to your organization. [read more]

Data Protection

At the heart of all, in constant growth, (personal) data processed transparently and protected, are a strong value of your organization. [read more]

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to enable organizations to face disruptive challenges by helping them integrate true values into their strategy.

Our Plan

We want to help your organisation choosing the right momentum to enforce small decisions and by structuring your resources.

Our Vision

At all times, we are inspired by the vision in which we help each organisation to achieve sustainable growth by placing real values at the heart of their strategy.

Our Care

At all times, we guide you so that your customers, employees and partners remain at the heart of your strategy.


There's nothing like an open an fair discussion [in person, if possible, or covid-rtually] to discuss your concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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